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 A few things about Boostedpro


In a world where social media reigns, BoostedPro is an innovative site that will help create network connections with professionals in your area of talent. You will create a secure username and password for your own account.  Within your account you will be able to create a profile that includes a short bio, video feed, video links, resume information, and any other marketable information about yourself.  By creating a profile you are granted access to a database of:

  1. other entrepreneurs in your industry
  2. contacts of individuals interested in your talent
  3. Donate allows you too recieve money directly to your PayPal account from friends, family, social media.
  4. a community of people who are working towards similar goals
  5. The filmmakers, musicians, artists, and designers you see on boostedpro.com have complete control over and responsibility for their projects
  6. casting and tryout updates
  7. Sell your own art pieces
  8. Promote your own clothing lines
  9. Meet and Greets with photographers, publishers, movie producers, record labels, art dealers, sport scouts/agents, and modeling agents.
  10. Jobs is where you exploit your talents and make money for yourself! Times are hard, make a few extra bucks doing what your good at! Make it a full time job. Invite friends, family, old bosses. You're the boss of your own life, this is your business headquarters!

Make sure you set up your paypal account in Manage Profile for all access to make money on boostedpro.com

Your friends and family can help you get to where you need to be by clicking on this image. It will be located on your profile page.


Here at Boostedpro, we are revitalizing the American Dream.  With drive, ambition, and determination, it is possible to make your lifelong goals a reality. 

This site fosters real people, with real talent.  The first step towards success is connecting with professionals who can provide you with the opportunity and tools to do so.  Let us help you make those connections here at BoostedPro.com.

There are 313.9 million people in the word plus, 29,700,100 people are controlled by their wealth that leaves about an estimated 610,899,786 people who are not wealthy.  I could not find any graphs, charts, or market research on raw talent and resourceful people, so I developed Boostedpro.com for you. We are going to start together over the next 10 years from the member number 1 and see how far we can go.

This site is all about people in this world working together United by Talents. When you affect emotion, pain, success, sorrow weakness and all the activities in everyday life makes you better or worse. You can provide, support, and be who you are. Use your talents to benefit mankind because money is so played out.


Watch this amazing Powerful video:
"Live for others"- Boostedpro.com

Our Goals:

“Working together to create a better now”  -Boostedpro.com

I want you too close your eyes and Imagine today as this…  You wake up in your home, house is clean, breakfast is ready, life is good , kids are safe and learning at  school, you get a workout  in, bills are paid ,and there is a huge smile on your face wherever you go today…what is stopping you from living like this?

Now in the world I believe that everyone wants to live in, is simple. Where we went wrong .. who knows, we are here today, and today will be awesome if you want it too be..

  “The community” never gave anyone anything. The “community,” the “society,” the “nation” is just a number of interacting individuals, not a mystical entity floating in a cloud above them. And when some individual person–a parent, a teacher, a customer–”gives” something to someone else, it is not an act of charity, but a trade for value received in return.


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